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A player of excellence in electronics and industrial IT, ADETEC designs, develops, manufactures and tests tailor-made IOTs for its customers.

Founded in 1995, ADETEC is an innovative company specializing in the design and manufacture of remote transmission systems. The company particularly excels in the development of anti-intrusion alarm platform and communicating devices.

Developed in such a way that its installation is as simplified as possible and that it allows true versatility in its use, the VOCALYS range from ADETEC is the result of several years of development to develop a stand-alone and reliable product.

The announced discontinuation of the provision of new analog lines and the end of the PSTN service also led ADETEC to develop a universal PSTN / IP / VOIP / GSM / GPRS / HSDPA gateway: the AdGateway. This device makes it possible to overcome the many problems posed by the disappearance of analog support without the need to change the old equipment already installed and therefore by limiting costs.

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